Supplemental Support Program

I provide a non-traditional service that offers hope & encouragement. This model is very similar to that of the Non-Denominational Military Chaplain. An actively based program that supports individuals in the workplace. This is neither psychotherapy nor a substitute.

The workplace chaplaincy program is a “supplement” and does not replace employee assistance programs (EAPs). Chaplains build trusting relationships with employees, and are in tune with what is taking place in their lives with face to face interaction. This program is designed as an employee care program (ECP) in the workplace.

As a chaplain, the physical presence and connection with an employee speaks volumes. Showing genuine compassion, care and concern makes people feel valued.

Assisting employees through the process by linking them with valuable resources and referrals when necessary will help minimize their level of stresses.

Valuable hours are lost every year to employees missing work. Many employees have serious family issues-problems that can interfere with workplace productivity.

A majority of employees find most of their social networking in the workplace. Providing employees the ability to speak with someone at the workplace is not only practical, but essential in today’s society. Many people have little time outside of the working environment, so that’s where my services play a major role between employer and employee.

Employees need social interaction at deeper levels. Many Fortune 500 Corporations are now looking to meet that fundamental basic need with Workplace Chaplains.

Benefits of a Workplace Chaplain

  • Decrease employee absenteeism
  • Increase employee retention
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce employee conflicts
  • Improve employee attitudes
  • Increase employee morale and teamwork
  • Employee feels valued

A Workplace Chaplain Employee Care Program (ECP) builds trusting relationships with employees, while helping them navigate through the daily challenges of life.

Chaplains provide confidential discussions for an array of issues affecting the employee. This includes such things as; workplace disputes, marriage, divorce, separation, serious illness, death and grief recovery, parenting issues, financial concerns, emergency and crisis intervention. The key is to address issues before they have the potential of becoming worse.

Chaplains also act as a liaison within our local community, churches, families, & law enforcement agencies.

Complete Confidentiality

I will always maintain the highest level of confidentiality for my clients.