Lisa Thrift-Blatnica

Who’s the Coaching Chaplain?

Lisa has a heart, passion and love for people like you wouldn’t believe. She will talk to just about anyone, anywhere at anytime!! She gives all the credit to Jesus for designing her with very unique skills, gifts and talents. In turn, she enjoys giving back to people in need.

Lisa is a native of San Diego, California, where she and her husband Michael reside. It was always a desire of her’s to travel and has been to many destinations around the world. It’s always a joy to her to see God’s creation. She has also visited several communities throughout Mexico serving the poor on various mission trips. She also served as Outreach Director and Pastor for 4 years

Lisa was working in the Social Services sector for 20 years until she came on staff with the Rock Church San Diego in 2012 as the Women’s Life Group Coordinator. She served as Weekend Services Pastor until June 2019.