See what people are saying about the Coaching Chaplain:

Cheryl W.

My experience with a Coaching Chaplain has been outstanding! Lisa has helped me navigate through complex situations and has always provided Christ centered wisdom and biblical guidance which has been needed in these changing times and season. She has been and continues to be such a blessing to me! Thank you Lisa

Yuka N.

From the very first time I started counseling with Lisa, she has been always Positive, Supportive, Powerful, Resourceful and Obedient to the Lord. Not only did she give me biblical counseling, but she also continued to contact me by email and phone every week to see how I was doing. Her message to me was always “BE HOLY”, “Build a strong relationship with GOD”, and ”Always keep your eyes on HIM”. I knew that she really wanted me to be healed and transformed by being obedient to GOD. She prayed for me during alter call almost every week, and she was always here for me whenever I needed to talk to someone. She provided me with a lot of reading material and information about classes I should take at the Rock Church, and she even encouraged me to go to the Leadership Conference right after I had just prayed about gaining leadership skills. I realized that God was sending me messages through Lisa all the time. She has been witnessing how I have been transformed by the Lord each day. One Sunday after the service, she gave me a very special card with her message saying “Hello Yuka, I am so proud of the way you are allowing the Holy Spirit to fill your heart again. Please continue to lean into Him for ALL of your needs…….. “. That’s Lisa. I am very thankful that God has connected me with her.

June F.

I received the blessing of Lisa’s ministry through our Life Group at the Rock Church. Lisa is friendly, cheerful and glows with the good news of Jesus Christ. She shines God’s love on everyone she encounters. Everybody who meets Lisa is blessed.

Joyce C.

I’ve served with Lisa for over four years in a pastoral setting. I’ve had the blessing of not only knowing her to be a genuine, loving woman of God, but also a mentor and a woman who inspires me to great levels. Over the four years that I’ve known Lisa as a counselor, pastor, and chaplain, I’ve seen countless women and couples come into a greater knowledge of Jesus Christ in their lives. Lisa has a unique way of helping people get past the pain of their current circumstances to see that God has a plan and a purpose for them that exceeds any pain. She provides practical steps that bring healing, resolution, and restoration to those she serves. I’ve been blessed to see the many lives that have been changed through her service, because of her love of God and people. Lisa is a coaching Chaplain that’s affecting the world, and changing it for good, one person at a time.

Angela B.

Prior to meeting Lisa both my life and marriage were in a serious questionable state. I was angry, confused and disillusioned. It was through her coaching and time spent just talking that things began to turn-around. She is very serious about what she offers and this can be seen through her proactive approach to helping others. I enjoy my time with her and hate when it has to end. I have a great deal of trust and respect for Lisa, as she is truly the real deal.

Laura C.

Lisa Thrift-Blatnica has helped me in clarifying and re evaluating my direction. I have come to find what I truly and genuinely love about life! Lisa and I meet at a former job. The time we meet, I was going through a life changing episode in my life. I was getting a divorce (my choice) I was feeling uncertain about what my life has waiting for me. Lisa was great at listening and helping me find my gifts and talents. She also helped me find ways to use them so I could accomplish my goals. Her faith In God and her spirit helped me in my spiritual walk to get closer to God. I have to say that my life has improved greatly. Knowing my strengths and weakness has made a stronger person. Thank you so much. You are truly a gift from God to help people in need.

Carolyn L.

Thank you Lisa for your encouragement. You are so kind and your words mean a lot. What a great year of working together in ministry. You are fabulous and endless with your energy. Love You!

Chris T.

When my perfect dream life was turned completely upside down after discovering my husband had been unfaithful for a very long time, I turned to The Rock Church, and was introduced to Lisa Thrift-Blatnica. Lisa faithfully and lovingly provided guidance and biblical direction. She helped connect me with people and resources that I never would have found on my own. Her prayers during some of my darkest moments gave me hope and strength. She encouraged me and provided the wisdom and counseling I needed to make bible based decisions. Though I never imagined to be where I am now, a single mother of 2, I praise God daily that He brought Lisa into my life. Thank you Lisa for giving so much of yourself and for being obedient to your call.

Joyce J.

Motivation? Without hesitation the Coaching Chaplain will help bring out the motivation that’s been locked up inside of you for whatever reason and no matter how long you’ve kept it buried. On a personal note, I can say that going through the sessions with Lisa allowed me to be transparent about my personal defeatist attitude. I have gotten over that hurdle due to the coaching and motivating encouragement from Lisa, who truly acknowledges Jesus Christ as her one true motivator.

Teresa H.

Lisa’s journey has been an amazing testimony of truly trusting God and “launching out into the deep.” She is committed to a calling in caring for people. Lisa’s love for the Lord and those around her is so evident and has impacted so many. She truly has the desire and passion to come alongside those in need of “HOPE” and encouragement. It has been a pleasure and honor to serve with her in serving Him!

Jacqui H.

I have known Lisa all my life. She is bright, intelligent, bubbly, but most of all, she loves people. I believe that she is destined to help people , and that she truly cares about everyone’s well being. She knows how to connect, and how to find solutions, through God’s help, and her genuine kindness shows, whenever you talk with her. I’m blessed to know her.

Karen S.

I have known Lisa for several years and have had the privilege of serving women together in our local church. Lisa has a love and passion for the Lord and for people that is so evident from the first time you meet her! She is always positive, encouraging and she speaks words of life and truth into the lives of others. Lisa has been a faithful, committed servant that follows through and follows up on whatever task I have seen her undertake. I know that she will be a blessing to anyone who chooses to be “coached” by her.

Dolores M.

The day I met Lisa in 2007 a heart connection took place between us. I was immediately drawn in by the genuineness of her smile. Her sincere friendship has had a profound healing effect on my spirit whose childhood was void of laughter. Lisa’s desire to place my needs or the needs of those around her above her own, is genuine. She is a magnet to those who need compassion and mercy and understanding. She’s that listening ear in a world that seems to have become deaf; the extended arms to the lonely soul who aches for the warmth of touch.