A ministry of presence, not pressure. Offering hope & encouragement to those in need.

Life Coach

Using the COACH method to help individuals or groups to grow and discover their God-given potential.

Service Area

Based in San Diego, The Coaching Chaplain is available to travel to needed destinations throughout the world.
Life Coach
Life Coach

Creating an action-based solution to achieving your goals and discovering your God-given potential.

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Ordained Chaplain

Providing a wide array of chaplain services to individuals and organizations.

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The Coaching Chaplain provides Christian life coaching and chaplain services to individuals and organizations.

Find out how The Coaching Chaplain can help you.


Thank you for stopping by. My name is Lisa and I am “The Coaching Chaplain.” No, I’m not Hawaiian. I just have a love for Maui, the wonderful people and the island culture. It reminds me of home which for me is San Diego. I’m a native, a “Beach Bum” and I enjoy lots of sunshine!! Here on my site, you will find coaching and chaplaincy services. I have a deep heartfelt desire to assist people that are going through difficult times. Getting you back on the right track is my specialty. Whether it be your faith struggle, personal relationships, life transitions, grief & loss, or workplace issues, It would be an honor to come along side you in your journey. Please visit the website to learn more. I look forward to hearing and working with you soon.

Blessings to the Max & Mahalo.

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Dealing with Conflict

No one likes having to deal with conflict, but it's something we all must face from time to time.

The Coaching Chaplain gives you practical steps to take when dealing with conflict and destructive relationships.

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